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A Secret Weapon for Psychology Multiple Choice Questions

A Secret Weapon for Psychology Multiple Choice Questions Like most things, it's far better start at the start. No matter what type of test you're writing, your target is to rate your students' learning. There's an assortment of absolutely free pub quiz questions 2017 rounds with a great deal of varied questions for the entire family to answer, covering all kinds of categories that are fun, interesting and will help to improve your knowledge! Consider how impossible it's to multiply huge numbers in your head, but how simple it is on paper. Ok, I Think I Understand Psychology Multiple Choice Questions, Now Tell Me About Psychology Multiple Choice Questions! The greatest multiple-choice exams concentrate on the material, test students in an easy and straightforward way, and prevent pitfalls that could distract or mislead students. Eighteen kinds of assignments are discussed. In order to reach a better score, it's important to comprehend the way the different concepts and topics of psychology relate to one another, which will enable you on the FRQs together with the multiple choice section. You'll have learned the majority of the material by the center of the second semester, which means you will be capable of using practice tests to judge your skills more accurately. Psychology Multiple Choice Questions - Is it a Scam? If you would like a copy of the questions only, print only the very first page. The answers list is extremely easy to access so if you discover any of the questions somewhat tricky, just click the answers link! All questions are going to be a multiple choice format. The introductory questions which you ask ought to be simple, pleasant and interesting. Whenever you have answered all of the multiple choice questions, return and review your answers. Multiple choice questions also arrive in many diverse formats. A multiple answer question must include a very clear question and a set of potential alternatives. On longer tests, there are frequently questions or answers which will help you answer a few of the questions you didn't know. You won't have the ability to move onto the completely free response section until the 70 minutes are up anyway, so when you have spare time you should use it. Although studies of people with brain damage can give a lot of information regarding brain function, it's limited because many people with brain damage have a tendency to get a significant number of cognitive troubles. For instance, the very first response is labeled with an A and so forth. Some individuals claim that multiple-choice tests can be beneficial for measuring whether students may analyze material. Cognitive neuroscientists have started to examine recall and recognition memory also. Tests ought to be constructed to teach. Practice tests are a few of the very best review tools for AP Psychology. Such questions serve to check the learners' judgment abilities or comprehension of an in-depth subject. 100 multiple choice questions isn't a simple endeavor, but nonetheless, it still possible for any student. So make sure to read all the choices before answering. When you have created your question choices, you can specify if you would like them to be shown in a specific order, or randomly shuffled. Related the point 4, always work to rule out any answers you know are not correct. It's fine to think about one for a small bit but in the event that you can't get it within just a little bit, go ahead. In the event you keep asking each detail, you're wind up asking survey questions that may seem off track. In order to be sure your tests are effective and accurate assessment tools, below are some things to bear in mind. The Chronicles of Psychology Multiple Choice Questions The pitch may be difficult sell to busy professors, however, at least at first. In recall, on the flip side, no potential answers are available (if you don't cheat) but need to be generated. Said owners aren't affiliated with Educator.com. Hence the answer is control condition. Pose a question rather than a statement. Ask the respondent only 1 question at a moment. Additionally if more questions on a distinct subject area or topic are requested to create a bigger sample then statistically their degree of knowledge for this topic is going to be reflected more accurately in the range of correct answers and final outcomes. By way of example, always exchange the product, would suggest that the learner should provide an exchange under any conditions. Keep this in mind when you consider using more than 1 dropdown question in your survey. The new choice is going to be added to the bottom of the existent list of alternatives. You may change your solution by merely clicking on another alternate. In the event the suitable answer doesn't jump out at you right away, see if you're able to eliminate a few of the options as definitely erroneous.

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Literary Interpretations Of The Sneetches - 1868 Words

Nicholas Boliard Mendez English Writing 301 12 November 14 Literary Interpretations of The Sneetches - Essay 2 Oh, the exhaustive ways to interpret the expansive wonderland of creativity that is the mind of Dr. Seuss. Most known for his beloved children’s books, Theodor Seuss Geisel, or more commonly, the one and only Dr. Seuss, has contributed to the education of youth for close to 80 years. This includes even after his death, through the continuing legacy of his books. The books have also made him a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. Their widely successful movie adaptations, such as The Cat in the Hat or an even better example, How the Grinch Stole Christmas which has become a holiday franchise of its own, help to carry the stories of Seuss into the 21st century. However, looking through youthful eyes at the bright colorful cartoons and marveling at the silly rhymes and ridiculous made up words; it is easy to overlook some of the deeper controversial messages that can be found in Seuss’ seemingly simple stories. Literary criticisms suggest that Seuss was actually a profound po litical and social activist, expressing his views on the real world through the stories of his own outlandish one. An example of this can be found within the story of The Sneetches published in 1961 from which, two opposing interpretations have arisen. Both of these interpretations hold larger messages of criticisms against human nature and social conduct. Through the fantastical story of plain and

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Various Types Of Occupational Fraud - 962 Words

Types of Fraud The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners displays what is known as the Fraud Tree. It is a representation of the three major types of occupational fraud (www.acfe.com). Occupational fraud is any scheme that involves employees taking cash, resources, or misapplies assets of the business for their personal gain (www.smartceo.com). Type I: Corruption Corruption is an intentional, dishonest act where an employee abuses their position in the company for personal gain (www.curtin.edu.au). It can take many forms. Bribery is a form of corruption. This is receiving or paying for illegal advantages. An example of bribery is a company official paying a public official to gain advantage over competitors. Embezzlement is another form of corruption. This is when someone has legal access, but not ownership of assets, that steals them for personal gain. For example, the treasurer of the local PTA may decide to take PTA funds to buy her daughter’s prom dress. Conflict of interest is another form of corruption. If the purchasing manager sits on the board of his wife’s company and then awards contracts to her company, that is a conflict of interest. Type II: Asset Misappropriation This is the most common form of occupational fraud and accounts for over 85% of fraud cases. It also usually has the lowest cost of loss. Asset misappropriation is the intentional, illegal use of the company’s assets for one’s personal use (Mohlenhoff Uhl, 2014). An example wouldShow MoreRelatedOccupational Fraud : A Glance At Asset Misappropriation And Other Types Of Organisational Fraud Essay1074 Words   |  5 Pages II. OCCUPATIONAL FRAUD – A glance at Asset Misappropriation and other types of organisational fraud Now that we have tolerably defined ‘fraud’, we can move on to explain ‘Occupational Fraud’ which is an internal fraud i.e. generally committed by employees/members associated with an organisation, and more closely related to corporate governance. Occupational Fraud is defined as: â€Å"The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employingRead MoreFraud Is A Global Problem1003 Words   |  5 PagesFraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Fraud is both a civil wrong (i.e., a fraud victim may sue the fraud perpetrator to avoid the fraud and/or recover monetary compensation) and a criminal wrong (i.e., a fraud perpetrator may be prosecuted and imprisoned by governmental authorities). Fraud is not prejudice; culture, ethnicity, and religion, are not factors in determining who will commit fraud. Finding fraud can be difficult. We re constantly reminded at every clientRead MoreCorporate Fraud, Within Corporate Governance1645 Words   |  7 Pagescollapse of various high-profile corporations across the world. These scandals were inherently the result of fraud, scams, mismanagement, fraudulent reporting and audit failure among many other deficiencies present in the corporate governance model of various syndicates. Some of these made the very foundation of the financial markets unstable and open to financial crisis. The international and national community were compelled to more efficiently address the issues of corporate fraud, misconductRead Moreoccupational fraud and abuse on the company959 Words   |  4 PagesThe effect of occupational fraud and abuse on the company Occupational fraud and abuse is defined as â€Å"The use of one’s occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse or misapplication of the employing organization’s resources or assets† (2012 Report To Nations On Occupation Fraud And Abuse, 2012). Occupational fraud entails deceiving employing organization to obtain resources or assets for personal gain and abuse involves misapplication of the resources provided by the employerRead MoreFinancial Fraud, And Identification Of The Different Fraud Types1734 Words   |  7 Pagesof the various types of fraud, in order to aid understanding in regards to the prevention of fraudulent activity. This paper begins with a review of the definition of financial fraud, and identification of the different fraud types. Further, included is an examination of what motivates individuals to commit fraud, including an identification of some of the method in which people commit fraud. A discussion of the importance of the fraud triangle, and how rationalization contributes to fraud is aRead MoreEssay about Internal Accountants Report to Management1274 Words   |  6 PagesCompany, I have to perform various financial operations, and I am considered the expert in this field. As we all are faced with preparation for the upcoming government contract bid, we need to have a better understanding of how our company runs the business and issues that we can face if we enter into this contract. It is vital to visualize the actual impact of occupational fraud and abuse in the company. We also need to know how the US government oversees the accounting fraud and abuse and its affectRead MoreThe And White Collar Crime897 Words   |  4 Pages2012). White-collar crimes can occur at any occupational level and affects all parts of society, from big businesses to individuals. Some associate the definition of white-collar crime mainly to economic crime, but others include corporate crimes like environmental law violations and health and safety law violations (Barnett, 1999). It is interesting to note that corporate crimes such as environmental pollution typically involve corporate personnel on various levels for purposes of implementation, fromRead MoreUnit One Assignment : Fraud Basics879 Words   |  4 PagesIroda Yakubova Unit One Assignment: Fraud Basics 1. In my opinion, non-shareable financial need is the most important in causing executives, managers, and employees to commit occupational fraud. The proxies become â€Å"criminals on trust† in the case of they start to have financial difficulties, which they cannot share with nobody. They think that available option to perform completely secret financial fraud and able to give an explanation to their behavior in a given situation, allowing to reconcileRead MorePrevention And Detection Of Accounting Fraud2577 Words   |  11 PagesPrevention and Detection of Accounting Fraud @@@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@ October 21, 2014 Abstract: A client has requested information on the prevention and detection of accounting fraud. The research paper will cover descriptions of types and components of fraud. It will offer suggestions as to who would commit fraud and how it would be detected and prevented. The research paper should provide a general overview of the subject in layman s terms. Read MoreA Political Party May Have On Regulating Healthcare Essay1392 Words   |  6 Pagesinfluence a political party may have on regulating healthcare. Furthermore, it proves the responsibility of the occupational therapists to investigate and advocate in politics regarding health care that may affect future clients and/or quality of care. The occupational therapy student (OTS) will present research on the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and his views on healthcare and occupational therapy. About Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party Gary Johnson is a candidate representing the libertarian

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How Technology Can Make Learning More Accessible - 1658 Words

Literacy is a skill applied to technology is many jobs, which help the development of global economy. However, technology also makes people lazy to learn literacy such as spelling and alienates them by replacing online socialism rather than leaving their home. Technology is now used to help teach literacy. A t.v. has educational channels, the computer can help do research, and there is also computer software, such as Microsoft word to help with grammar and formatting work. Technology helps make learning more accessible. Literacy is the ability to read and write and is followed with technology because it allows various ways of communication: instant messaging, e-mailing, and social media websites. Having the privilege of various communication options can open doors for employment. Companies often use software for networking management, digital resources, and education. With technology, we are not only learning one manner to do work, but we can learn in various ways: written communicat ion, ever-changing collaborative context and interpersonal skills, and orally through video chat. But is the advancement of literacy good in all aspects? The Elements of Literacy book talks about the levels of education that allow people to achieve a brighter future based on their background and experiences. In the beginning of the book, the readers are questioned about their previous jobs and what the level of literacy demands was required in that generation period. To better understand theShow MoreRelatedBenefical Role Of Technology In Education1413 Words   |  6 Pages Benefical Role of Technology in Helping People Obtain an Education Nhuien Tkhi Kim Nhan (Nata) ILSC BENEFICAL ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN HELPING PEOPLE OBTAIN AN EDUCATION Even though most of the population think that technology has a bad influence on our education it still has a lot of benefitsRead MoreOnline Education Is More Popular Among The Population966 Words   |  4 Pageson their phones, checking tweets, browsing the internet, and being sucked into a virtual world. We live in a society that is slowly becoming run by technology. You can do virtually anything online these days, including getting your high school diploma. In the first article we are introduced to the idea that online education is steadily becoming more popular among the population. â€Å"Currently, 31 states offer statewide full-time virtual schools, enrolling an estimated 275,000 students† (Watson, MurinRead MoreTechnology Is Rapidly Growing And Changing Our World1218 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology is rapidly growing and changing in our world. Students receiving special education services face challenges both in and outside of the classroom. By using proper techn ology students’ classroom experience may be improved and they may be more motivated and engaged in learning. Students with disabilities may have difficulty with reading, writing, word recognition, motor skills, and attention. Different types of technology can be utilized to help improve students ability to learn. ThereRead MoreTechnology And The Classroom Is Not Anything New931 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology in the classroom is not anything new. Teachers have been trying to integrate technology in the classroom for years and have been successful in making learning more interactive and connected. With this in mind, it is important to highlight flipped classroom, digital collaboration, and one-to-one technology initiatives, all being part of the advancement of technology in the classroom. Understanding these great bounds technology has taken; it is still key to understand where learning beginsRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay959 Words   |  4 Pageso f books, articles, research papers and data are easily organized and accessible online. But, has this easy access to information improved intellectual capabilities? Or has it simply caused individuals to become lazy? Written by David Robson, How Computers change the way we learn, technology has altered the way teaching and researching is done. According to Google s Vice President of Research, Alfred Spector, â€Å"a simple app can change the way we think and learn.† Since the beginning of his freshmanRead MoreLiterature Review Of Assistive Technology1277 Words   |  6 PagesAssistive technology includes products and related services that improve the functioning of children with disabilities. Many forms of technology, both â€Å"high† and â€Å"low,† can help individuals with learning disabilities capitalize on their strengths and bypass, or compensate for, their disabilities. In conclusion, appropriate assistive technology can be a powerful tool to increase a child’s independence and improve their participation. It can help children become mobile, communicate more effectivelyRead MoreHealthcare Informatics1349 Words   |  6 PagesPreparing for Organizational Change Hospital technology decision makers now confront a growing pipeline of information technology (IT) and major medical equipment that challenges traditional capital allocation processes. In a highly fragmented industry that is driven by coverage and reimbursement policies set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private insurers, the cumulative impact of hospitals’ technology investment decisions shapes health care for decades. Hospitals areRead MoreProject Classroom Makeover, By Cathy Davidson1310 Words   |  6 Pagesinto the modern. Such a process can take on the identity of many forms but in the end, they all contribute to the advancement of society. Throughout â€Å"Project Classroom Makeover,† Cathy Davidson explores the need for such change in America’s educational system as it lags years behind the modern standards. Technology serves as an impetus to change and reform this antiquated system through facilitating new means of learning not previously available. While technology does have its benefits in the classroomsRead MoreThe Environment Of An Organization1158 Words   |  5 Pagesmaterials from outside its limits. An association can t make due without the backing of its surroundings. Second, the environment is a place of opportunities and threats for an organization. Managers must also realize that almost any environmental movement is possible to create opportunities for some organizations and threats for others. Officials should likewise understand that for all intents and purposes any ecological pattern or occasion is liable to make open doors for a few associations and dangersRead MoreCreating a Positive Learning Environment Essay1068 Words   |  5 PagesResearch shows that the learning environment encompasses more than just the classroom that learning and teaching takes place. Many factors contribute to a learning environment, including the students, teachers, parents, school staff, policy makers, sp ecialists, support staff, community members and the different learning spaces and resources available. This reflective journal will discuss some ways that teachers can set up the learning environment to maximise teaching and learning and some potential advantages

Essay on Women in Sports - 961 Words

Women in Sports Challenges appear to be part of the human experience. In the course of history, very little has come easily. The progress that women have made in sport in the United States over the course of the last 100 years seems remarkable for the amount achieved in so little time. In relation to the other advances made in this century, including mens sport, that achievement dims. While women have made great advances, they havent, in comparison, come that far. It would appear, from the outside, that mens sport will forever have all of the advantages, all of the rewards, all of the prestige, while womens sport is left to perpetual inequality. Yet, not only are there sports that are considered non-traditional for both†¦show more content†¦When a women tries to participate in a non-traditional sport, even without the support of her family, she has an entire historical movement backing up her desires. Very often there is even recent legislation, and formal organizations supporting that legislation (if not responsible for it), to provide an even greater support system for a girl who is challenging the gender norms defined in sport. However, boys rarely find this kind of support. It is virtually non-existent and unlikely to become so. While the participants of the womens sport they are entering may welcome them with open arms, the reaction from the rest of society is historically overwhelmingly negative. Especially in the United States, boys who chose to play sports other than their traditional ones often face humiliating comments. As with even minimally masculine women, their sexual orientation is automatically questioned. Very often further insults and humiliations are heaped on any boy attempting to enter a girls sport because of some of the rules existent there. For example, should a boy win the right to play field hockey on girls team in a high school, he would soon find himself wearing a skirt on the field in order to comply with the rules of the sport. Many feminists might view this as the just desserts of a gender that has historically controlled and dominated the power structure and the rewards of sport in general. The cultural and social costs of this situation are varied andShow MoreRelatedWomen and Sports1522 Words   |  7 PagesLiterature Thesis There is a definite correlation between the economics of professional women ¡Ã‚ ¦s sports and their ultimate success. As most success in sport leagues, teams and associations are measured by longevity, win/loss records, and most importantly, revenue, the footprint of female competition at the professional level has not been paramount at any point in our history. Professional women ¡Ã‚ ¦s athletics is characterized by an economic model and a level of acceptance amongst the massesRead More Women in Sports and Sports Broadcasting Essay584 Words   |  3 PagesWomen in Sports and Sports Broadcasting Before I conducted this media analysis about women in sports and sport broadcasting, I hypothesized the obvious - that more male sports would be in the media, and that there would be more male sports broadcasters as well. Through my observations I did find that the sports arena and sports broadcasting sphere are male dominated. However, I also found that although there are not many stories about women, there has been a steady progression and magazinesRead MoreWomen and Sport Essay1116 Words   |  5 PagesWomen and Sport Turn on your TV screen and there’s a high probability that a sports game will be on at one channel. Unless it’s a special sports channel such as ‘sky sports’ etc. you will easily realise it is men playing the relevant sport. Ever wondered why? Why aren’t women’s sports as amazingly popular as the large market of men’s sports? Millions are spent on men’s sports and men sports’ propaganda but why aren’t women’s sports as popular? They are physically andRead MoreWomen Discrimination In Sports1572 Words   |  7 PagesDiscrimination in Women Sports Women have always been the minority in today’s world whether that’s in the work force or even in sports. Title IX a act that was made by the United States Congress in 1972 that said that no one should be denied to play, receive financial aid, or discrimination to any education program or activity that pertains to only one sex. (Senne 1) This act was a step towards more female participation and less discrimination, but those stereotypes most of society believes in stillRead More Women and Sports Essay912 Words   |  4 PagesWomen and Sports As it becomes increasingly acceptable for women to be athletic in American culture, a new question arises: in which sports should women be allowed to participate? From a physiological standpoint, it has been scientifically proven that female bodies do not differ significantly enough from male bodies to prevent them from participation in any male sports. This division between male and female sports clearly stems from age-old, socially constructed norms of femininity and masculinityRead MoreThe Future of Women in Sports1080 Words   |  5 PagesThe Future of Women in Sports As the year 2010 has arrived, the problem of the portrayal of women in sports no longer lies in their fight for equality and opportunity, but in fighting off the competition with men. It is no longer an issue of women not being taken seriously or being looked down upon if they decide to be athletes, but that men want to take part in competition with women in sports. This film thus focuses on the struggles that the male protagonist faces in trying to compete withRead MoreThe Role Of Women In Sports1541 Words   |  7 PagesWomen have always been the minority in the world even today: that is in the work force or even in sports. Title IX, an act that was made by the United States Congress in 1972, said that no one should be denied to play, receive financial aid, or discriminate to any education program or activity that pertains to only one sex (Senne 1). This act was a step towards improving female participation and lessening discrimination, but the stereotypes that most of society be lieves in still exist. This is oneRead MoreEssay on Women in Sports707 Words   |  3 PagesWomen in Sports In the last one hundred years women have made tremendous inroads in many facets of life. Of that there can be little doubt. Women may now hold jobs, own property and participate in professional sports. Today women can compete in sports, once a vestige of male domination; there is now room for women in that arena. But even today women in sports are not portrayed in the same light as their male counterparts. To a large degree this is because of todays cultural ideal of women.Read More Women and Sports Essays3142 Words   |  13 Pagesyears for women to gain a semblance of equality in sports. Throughout history, women have been both excluded from playing sports and discriminated against in sports. Men’s sports have always dominated the college athletic field, but women were finally given a fighting chance after Title IX was passed. Title IX, among other things, requires scholarships to be equally proportioned between men and women’s sports. Although this was a huge gain f or women, gender inequality still exists in sports today. AnRead MoreWomen and Sports Essay2771 Words   |  12 Pages In today’s society women are not allowed to play baseball with men due to patriarchal myths and misconceptions that have been around since the emergence of baseball in America. All women should be able to play baseball with men and there is no legitimate reason why they shouldnt. Women are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of playing baseball just as men are. With that being said their biological sex or gender should not and does not affect their ability to play baseball in the company

Research Proposal Analyzing the Efficiency of Customer Reward

Question: Discuss about theResearch Proposal for Analyzing the Efficiency of Customer Reward. Answer: Introduction: It has been observed that the evolution of supermarket shopping has increased at an expediential rate over the past few years. There has been a significant change in the ways in which people used to shop in the earlier days and at present. The retail companies are not only focused upon satisfying its customers with wide range of quality and affordable products and services but also try to facilitate them with added value and in this process they tend to enter into tie ups of with wide range of other companies and service providers where the customers by shopping more and more at the retail stores can easily avail the added services (McCall and McMahon, 2015). This has been made possible with the help of the customer loyalty programs and cards. Moreover, the trend and the interest on the part of the customers towards using the loyalty cards is also undeniable and this clear by the figure that around more than 85% of the households in UK has at least one active loyalty card (Plimmer, 2010). On the other hand, these loyalty cards are not only used to offer added value to the customers, rather these loyalty cards can be looked upon as one of the most important marketing strategies of the company since it provides an opportunity to the marketers to directly interact with customers and also keep a track of the changing trends and habits in the buying behavior of the customers. Thus the researcher in the present study would strive towards analyzing the efficiency of the customer reward program as a marketing tool especially in the context of Tesco Plc which is not only the largest grocery retailer in UK but also worlds most successful internet supermarket (Tesco plc, 2015). This part of the study includes the lietarure review, the research questions and hypotheses, operational definitions and measurement, research methodologies, research process, expected outcomes and conclusion. Literature Review The studies conducted by Humby et al., (2003) reveal the fact that loyalty programs can be referred to as a marketing strategy which is based upon the fact of offering an incentive to secure the loyalty of the customers to the retailer. In this process, the achievement of reward is directly related to the frequency of purchase and so it can also be referred to as the frequent purchase programs. Emphasizing upon the loyalty programs popularity, Plimmer, (2010) put forward the fact that in UK there are currently over 150 such loyalty schemes and there have been several cases where the loyalty program schemes have failed rather than succeeded. Thus it can be said that to determine the success of the reward program, it is not an easy task since it tends to depend upon the goals that were set by the by the marketers and so there are various factors that tend to play a role in flouncing the target market. Moreover, the preferences of the customer change with time and it also tends to change when they are being exposed to promotions, advertisements and the loyalty programs. In this context, Shin and Sudhir, (2011) emphasized upon the fact that consumers prefer to participate in the programs that are perceived by them as capable of offering equitable relationships and thus their decision towards participating in the loyalty programs mainly depends upon their perception towards the fairness. However, in this context, it has been commented by Stone, (2003) that Tesco is the largest supermarket retailer in UK and it might be the fact that the company has been successful in achieving this position without the clubcard, but it would not have been possible for the company to achieve the said position in the market so cheaply and quickly without the insight and the customer data that the clubcard of Tesco facilitated the company with. Research Questions and Hypotheses Research Questions How Tesco tends to execute its customer loyalty program? What is the importance of customer reward program in the success of Tesco? What is the attitude of the customers towards the Tesco Clubcard? What is the efficiency of Tesco Clubcard in keeping the customers loyal? What improvements Tesco need to make in its customer reward program? Hypotheses Null Hypothesis (H0): Customer reward program makes a significant positive impact on the loyalty of the customers towards the company. Alternative Hypothesis (H1): Customer reward program does not make a significant positive impact on the loyalty of the customers towards the company. Operational Definition and Measurement The study would involve investigating the relationship and impact of the variables involved in the study. The variables include the dependent and the independent variable. The dependent variable includes the customer reward program and the Tesco Clubard and the dependent variable include the customer loyalty and success of Tesco. Research Methodologies: Data Collection and Analysis Sampling Techniques In the present study, the researcher would strive towards collecting both the primary and secondary data to gain an understanding of the impact of customer reward program on customer loyalty in case Tesco PLC. The online sources like peer reviewed articles and journals and early researches published online and offline sources like library, newspapers and business magazines would be used for the collection of the secondary data (Cooper and Schindler, 2010). The primary data would be both qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data would be collected with the help of the interview with the managers of Tesco and quantitative data would be collected by conducting survey with the customers. The managers for interview would be selected through non-probabilistic technique since their participation would depend upon their busy schedule and the customers for survey would be selected through probabilistic technique which would provide equal opportunity to the participants to participate in the survey (Crowther and Lancaster, 2012). Managers: 4 Customers: 80 5.2 Methods of Analysis The qualitative data would be analyzed and presented in a subjective manner and the quantitative data would be presented with the help of statistical tools and techniques like the charts, graphs, tables and pie chart and it would be analyzed with the help of the SPSS software (Saunders et al., 2009). Research Process Expected Outcomes It is expected that the study would put forward the fact that customer reward program like Tesco Clubcard tends to make a significant impact on the loyalty of the customers towards the marketer i.e. Tesco. Conclusion It can be concluded that the researcher in order to analyze the efficiency of reward program in enhancing customer loyalty would abide by the above discussed methods and process in order to achieve the research aim and objectives. References Cooper, D. and Schindler, P. S. (2010) Business Research Methods, 11th ed. London: McGra-Hill. Crowther, D. and Lancaster, G. (2012). Research Methods, 2nd ed. London: Routledge. Humby, C., Hunt, T. and Phillips, T. (2003). Scoring Points: How Tesco is winning customer loyalty. Kogan Page, London Hardback ISBN 07494, 272 pages. Strat. Change, 12(7), pp.403-404. McCall, M. and McMahon, D. (2015). Customer Loyalty Program Management: What Matters to the Customer. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 57(1), pp.111-115. Plimmer, G. (2010). Scoring points: How Tesco continues to win customer loyalty. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 9(4), pp.377-378. Saunders, M. N., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2009) Research methods for business students, Page 52, 5th ed. Harlow: Prentice Hall Shin, J. and Sudhir, K. (2011). Managing Customer Relationships under Competition: Punish or Reward Current Customers?. SSRN Electronic Journal. Stone, M. (2003). Scoring Points: How Tesco is Winning Customer Loyalty. Journal of Database Marketing Customer Strategy Management, 11(2), pp.185-187. Tesco plc. (2015). Tesco PLC: Business and its Approach to Win Customer Loyalty. [online] Available at: https://www.tescoplc.com [Accessed 23 Aug. 2016].

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Diamante Poem Example For Students

Diamante Poem Diamante Poem Basics Diamante poem defined are diamond-shaped poems that use nouns, adjectives, and gerunds to describe either one central topic or two opposing topics (for example, night/day or winter/spring). Diamante poem format follow a specific format that uses nouns on the first and last lines, adjectives on the second and six lines, and gerunds (-ing words in the third and fifth lines Line 1 of poem (one word) a noun or subject in one word. Line 2 of poem (2 adjectives) two adjectives that describe the noun or subject in line one. Line 3 of poem (3 -ing words) Three ing words that describe the noun or subject in line one. Line 4 of poem (4 nouns ) Four nouns the first two are connected with line 1; the last two are connected with line 7 Line 5 of poem (3 -ing words that describe line 7) three -ing words that describe line 7) Line 6 of poem (2 adjectives) two adjectives that describe line 7 Line 7 of poem (synonym for line 1) Noun synonym for the noun or subject in line 1