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US National Security Council (NSC) official briefing the National Essay

US National security system Council (NSC) official briefing the National Security Adviser on why rebel groups may deplete control of parts of Syria - Essay Exampleoutlining the Syrian contravene as that pitting the opposed affiliate and the organisation against the groups of insurgents who are mainly against the government (Syrian conflict spills into cyberspace, 2013).Since the end of the World War II, the context of transnational Relations to the United States has transformed largely. The nation macrocosm the worlds superpower has the mandate to remark this position by asserting its influence on global issues that define the nature of global cohesion. Therefore, the conflict in Syria, as experienced in other nations such as Libya and Iraq, requires the intervention of the United States. through with(predicate) the National Security Council, the National Security Advisor of the Head of State reviews the situation in Syria, chromosome mapping out the possible implications of the ongoing conflict in accordance with the traditional American viewpoint of internationalistic Relations (Choi and James, 2014).The Syrian Conflict may encounter the rebels taking control of most parts of the verdant because certain foreign forces allied to the ISIS rebels continue funding this movement. Due to the barbaric use of chemical weapons by the Syrian leader on the people of that country, many countries have expressed their solidarity against the leader. This unity between the foreign countries and the radicals empowers the rebels through offering them advanced weapons and funds to fight against the oppression endured by the innocent citizens. In repartee to these actions, the United States Security Council decided that the United States needs to conduct limited attacks against the Syrian leadership. The U.S holds the mantle for being the most democratic state, and believes that it is the obligation of each government to protect their citizens. Therefore, the choic e to join the Syrian government in fighting ISIS will be an indication that U.S supports oppression, while the collaboration with rebel forces will bring in that the U.S is a state that does not recognize the

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The report is write about Poma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

The report is write about Poma - Essay ExampleThe analysis concludes that essential for management to conk the change process through setting the trend rather than simply giving instructions.The contemporary p arntage community faces a myriad of changes most in various sectors ranging from economic, political, and technological development. These have forced legion(predicate) companies to initiate change accordingly in order to remain competitive and relevant. One of the companies that have been on the forefront of change implementation is Poma a phone line transport company established in 1936. end-to-end its extensive history, Poma has developed a reputation for being a reliable partner in the cable transport industry with bases of operations every continent (Poma, n.d). Because of its diversified operative portfolio, this company has had to undergo numerous changes to assure that, it not only keeps up with the changes taking place across the globe, but excessively is also a lways capable of fulfilling the needs of its customers. Despite its determination to remain flexible, Poma has faced numerous handicaps since change is uncomplete easy spontaneous to achieve. Consequently, it is always necessary to make a study of the change process to ensure that whole the variables affecting it have been taken into consideration.This paper seeks to consider a wide range of factors that are likely to affect the effective implementation of change at Poma, and determine whether it is possible for this company to strain its evolution through direct engagement with its employees and other stakeholders. Poma is an international company that has to deal with individuals from diverse cultures and this creates a situation where it has to be as flexible as possible in order to ensure that all the changes necessary for its continued progress are effectively implemented. To this end, establishing an understanding of the company position in the orbiculate market is

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Against Solar Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Against Solar Energy - Essay fontSolar energy is harnessed infirm and, heat from the sun converted in electricity. It has a broad range of uses e.g. heating of water, producing electricity, heating and lighting in buildings, industrial and commercial uses etc. But it likewise has an opposite side. Some people may say that it is the most effective compared to other types of energy because the light and heat are natural. However, they forget that solar energy is derived from sun. This means that without the sun, no energy can be available. Making of photovoltaic panels there are chemicals used. These chemicals are elements that are deleterious to the environment. Cadmium and Arsenic harmful to the environment and can bring bad side effects to people. They require good disposal to cancel pollution of the environment. Solar energy system plants need a lot of space that could otherwise be used for other things. The area needed needs to be free from all sorts of objects that can han dicap light rays. This shows that it can be problematic to people who have small compounds especially the ones who live in cities. It leads to depletion of animal habitats. It is also true to say that production of solar energy is dependent. The operation and effectiveness of solar cells depends on a balanced mixture of some compounds. This mixture harness light energy and then takes it to another contact that works electrically. More so, the life span of organic solar cells in really short. It can only stay for only 5 years in commercial applications.

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Digital business snapchat Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Digital ancestry snapchat - Research paper ExampleAt the end of this provided magazineline or period, the videos or photographs become hidden from the devices used by recipients, as well as being deleted from Snapchat servers.As the new thing in the market, more people were apply it evidenced by the companys records whereby, as at May 2014, Snapchat application users were sending 700 cardinal photos and videos on a daily basis. In addition, viewers of Snapchat content users towered over 500 million time on a daily basis. This uplifted usage from customers is mainly due to the benefits that the application provides to its users. Furthermore, the application fag work through various communication devices such as SmartPhones, thereby enabling privacy and credentials of the images and videos shared. The self-destruct mechanism set by the application on shared photos and images also ensures a high sense of privacy, as one cannot keep it long enough for it to leak to unauthorized p ersons. The sender has the resource of selecting the people he or she wants to view his or her videos or photographs. As such, the sender determines the amount of time in which he or she wants his or her recipients to view the photos or videos before they self-destruct and delete completely from the applications database (Bassiliades, 2014).A comprehensive SWOT analysis entails evaluating four major options in the business environment of the company. as for this case, a SWOT analysis evaluates the business environment of Snapchat since its inception to date, with regards to aspects such as S Strengths, W Weaknesses, O Opportunities, and T Threats. Strength refers to the factors or aspects that provide a competitive ring for the application. A weakness refers to the areas within its business environment that can create a loophole and diminish the returns on the business profits. An opportunity refers to new doors and chances that

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Process Analysis Essay on Coming into Language Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Process Analysis on Coming into Language - Essay ExampleSupporting arguments and claims in a school text using record from a criminal record is important whenever an author presents a text. However, in the undertake, the author does not provide each demonstration from the original text. Although there are assertions and claims made concerning events that happened in the life of Baca, there is no evidence in dictating that the author drew reference from the substantial text discover. In most cases, a book could have a number of prints, or different editions others could have different versions. This necessitates reference to the book apply enchantment drawing the conclusions of the essay. However, this aspect does not appear in this essay. Although the audience can identify with the text, while others could have read the book, directing them to the actual cited summons is important in order to make clear of their ideas. Quoting an actual text not only gives evidence of the authors text but also makes their arguments stronger. Although the essay uses quotes from the actual text as evidence of the arguments raised, the lack of pagination of these quotes makes them irrelevant. By using direct quotes from the actual text, it makes it possible for the audience to make a quick reference of that text to the actual text. Anybody reading a text and wants to draw reference to the actual text used, the direct quotes give them guidance to the actual page numbers game used in the text. However, the failure of the author in this essay to include page numbers of the quoted texts makes the quotes invalid. For instance, a reader who would wish to draw reference to their language was the magic that could liberate me from myself, transform me into some other person and reading was a waste of time, and nothing could be gained by it as quoted in check bit (2) would hardly find them due to the missing page numbers. Further, island rising beneath and like the back of a w hale in para (3) have no pagination as well. Subsequently, the audience would have to read the entire book in order to find these particular quotes. The take to the woods of ideas in a text in most cases determines the perception of the audience about the particular text. Ideas that flow in a reproducible and sequential way of life makes it interesting for the audience to read. By chronologically presenting arguments, an author shows the conception of the idea, its maturity and later(prenominal) the conclusion. Additionally, an author could draw recommendations from the text (Tanselle 20). However, a text organized in a haphazard manner lacks a captivating aspect, making them hard to read. The essay does not have a proper flow of ideas and chronology of events, something that makes it difficult for the audience to follow. While the author narrates about the events that happened to Baca after his release from prisomn in para (3), he later goes back to the time of his prison the f ourth paragraph. Such a presentation could confuse the audience, thusly making them hate the actual text. The essay, though shallow in the analysis, reveals the book to be an inspiring scrap (para 1). Further, it hints that the story is about a character and the actual author who learnt to read and write while in jail (para 1).

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How to accomplish a daily task Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

How to accomplish a daily task - Essay interpreterThe instructions will tell the students what to do and inform them of the assignments basic mechanics. It also provides the criteria for pull ahead the assignment. For instance, to get a score of A+, the assignment should have a clear thesis, strong arguments, broad(a) grammar and spelling, and follow all mechanics. Students should make sure they understand the instructions before doing the actual assignment. If something is unclear, they should not weave to ask their teachers, so that they can avoid making wrong assignments.The next part is to follow the instructions, and consequently revising, editing, and controling their work. Students should focus on the instructions, especially when a specific topic and word count are included. They should do research, when required, and support their ideas or opinions with credible evidence. Furthermore, students should also revise their work, which means that they will check if the whole musical theme followed the assignment requirements. Then, they should also edit it, which refers to the process of reading the paper out loud and ensuring that the flow of ideas is clear. Afterwards, they should proofread their papers by checking spelling, punctuation, word choice, and grammar.A school assignment is part of the learning process because it checks if the students learn the concepts and skills taught in class. This paper offers a way of helping students organize their process of completing their assignments. The next sequence that they hear their teacher tell them that they have homework, they no longer need to be stressed, because they k promptly now how to do it the right

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The Medicare Modernization Act Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The Medicare Modernization Act - Essay ExampleWhen it comes to income that means those who are living from hand to rima oris are unable to benefit from the Act. In order to analyze whether it is a step forward or backward, let us discuss the significance of MMA in the light of its pros and cons to the U.S citizensMedicare initially was not considered among the major c formerlyrns of American national politics 3. First, there was the targeting of Medicare expenditures, which national officials regularly forecasted to raise over the 1990s, as a manner to reduce the federal budget deficit. That issue momentarily heated up the debate between the bush-league and Clinton campaigns when Budget Director Richard Darman claimed in July 1992 that Medicare outlays would have to be drastically reduced if the budget deficit were to be substantially lowered. The other set of political issues involved the emergent politics of universal health insurance in the early 1990s both the realization th at an extraordinary consensus had emerged about the need for far-reaching change and the presumption that, if elected, Clinton aimed to act on that consensus 4.The context for the 1997 Medicare changes reflected two long-term forces at work in American politics. ace element was the wearing down of the faith in government and ameliorative social programs that had been central to Medicares bear in the heyday of the Great Society. The second was a form of fiscal politics that emphasized the consequences of the maturation of the baby boomers, particularly the budgetary strain they would put on both Medicare and Social Security in the years ahead 5.Medicare - The most costly ProgramMedicare makes up the largest proportion of income-assistance spending. The cost of medical benefits has move by more than the cost of other programs since the 1970s. It is said and often considered that authentic social insurance and eudaemonia health programs raise the greatest number of people out of scarcity, especially among the elderly and retired. The success of such(prenominal) programs can be determined by the historical acceptance of such Acts like the Food boss Act in 1964 and Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, which provided health insurance for the needy and poor 6. In the early 1990s, once again there felt a need to change the existing plans and policies regarding health and medication, so certain health welfare and food stamp programs arrive but at a smaller scale. The primary(prenominal) reason for requiring such policies was the dissatisfaction with the then welfare programs and policies. Bill Clinton, who had vowed to end welfare as we know it in his 1992 campaign, helped do just that, signing a bipartisan bill in 1996, the Personal Responsibility and clip Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) 7. This was a dramatic and controversial respect that brought an end to six decades of federal social policy guaranteeing at least a minimum level of aid to those in pover ty. The measure abolished AFDC and replaced it with a system of smaller grants to states, which established rules of eligibility but were required to end welfare to

Assess the claim that progress has stalled in terms of raising the Essay

Assess the vociferation that progress has stalled in terms of raising the proportion of wo custody in senior executive and goreroom positio - screen ExampleAs argued by Howard and Wellins (2008) in all major global regions, women are more seeming than men to fall off the management ladder before reaching the top (p. 6). They explained this through the possible action of push and pull factors which involves an array of economic, organisational, and social aspects. Push factors refer to passive or unfulfilling jobs. On the premature(a) hand, the pull factors are life situations that force women to leave their jobs like health problems, family commitments, or caring obligations (Howard & Wellins, 2008). A recent study by Schneer and Reitman looked at the effects of life story likeence and outcomes for women in similitude to men in managerial positions (Bilimoria, 2007, p. 21). They discovered that the effect of gender differences on the work setting for women in comparison t o men with MBA degrees was more pronounced in later than earlier travel phases. Numerous researchers have discover that organisations are gendered, and hence view of career plans is expected to have more admonishing effects for females than males (Fagan et al., 2012). Thus, what is most important is possibly not the quantity of work but the quality and nature of that work, particularly for career women. Another major phenomenon that has been given much emphasis recently is the issue of whether half-time job characterises unfavourable reduced work or favourable flexible work patterns for employees, particularly women. Several researchers report that women prefer or are more contented with part-time job than men, because this work arrangement offers flexibility (Burke & Mattis, 2005). Nevertheless, stages of part-time work have detrimental effects on pay, and females are more likely than males to engage in part-time jobs. This implies that earlier assumptions that career women wit h children can gain from part-time work arrangement without considerable damaging impact on present and future career opportunities or outcomes could be flawed, especially in early stages of career (Durbin & Tomlinson, 2010). It is possible that these kinds of interruptions are not merely cutbacks in work time, but also point a reduction or impediment in status that is disadvantageous for the womens future career outcomes. Some claim that the higher probability of a women engaging in part-time work compared to men occupying part-time jobs signifies the likelihood of preserving or reinforcing the inferior standing of women in society (Liff & Ward, 2001). Findings on job gladness show that women who are voluntarily tenanted in part-time jobs usually agree to weaker job surety and lower pay in return for less stress and more favourable working arrangements. Mothers are usually more likely than childless women to work part-time because it facilitates reconciliation of domestic and career obligations (Durbin & Tomlinson, 2010). Mothers in the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and Austria are specifically likely to engage in part-time job (Rubery, 1998, 200). According to Wirth (2004), the inadequacy of quality, two-a-penny childcare compels many women with children to accept part-time work arrangements. Women, across all sectors, are currently engaged in managerial work but are less likely to occupy higher level leadership positions, suggesting that obstacles to womens career progression are still existing. The number of women occupying senior management and board positions across the globe are few compared

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The Macro and Micro-Marketing of Counterfeit Goods Essay

The Macro and Micro-Marketing of shape Goods - Essay ExampleThe act of branding can be traced back to the early 1800s when cowboys would brand their oxen before driving them across the central plains of the United States (Rozin 2002). In order to identify which cattle belonged to from each one ranch, a unique symbol was permanently burned onto the cow. These symbols, in addition to serving as a means of identification, provided a set of traditions and a social identity for the Cowboys. Today, companies use brands to distinguish themselves from their competition and to buy the farm unique qualities of their products (Aaker and Keller 1990 Low and Fullerton 1994). Once a brand is established, the brand name itself is thought to add grade to the product in the minds of consumers. This added value is referred to as brand equity (Aaker 1991). Companies and designers often employ marketing strategies that profit on their brand equity and place a greater value on the shapes and labels of their products than the material from which they ar made. Such companies provide buyers with what is conventionally called elite brands, defined by Silverstein and Fiske (2003) as those brands that possess higher levels of quality, savvy and aspiration than other brands in the product category. These products are often justifiably priced higher than other brands in order to make their brand seem exclusive and more prestigious. For example, elite designers are able to veer a 10-pound t-shirt into a $200 sought after treasure (Chatpaiboon 2004). Recently, Hermes reported that customers were placed on a two-year waiting list for their most popular Birkin bag, which retails for $6000 (Branch 2004). On eBay, women engaged in dictation wars over a blue Birkin bag for which the winner ultimately paid over $13,000 (Rose 2003).

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Agency Dream Position for Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Agency Dream lay out for Advertising - Essay ExampleThe skills necessary for this position include proficient multilingual skills. There is no need for talent but creativity is very essential for this position (Rachel Deahl, 2013). This means that ace should be able to craft words and ideas by seeing images, slogans, and products. Social skills are necessary in addition to excellent organization and communication skills. Good administration as networking skills will be necessary if one is to succeed in this job. Self-motivation, flexibility, working under pressure, ability to multi task, resilience to absorb both internal and impertinent criticism is also required. Good researching skills as well as an interest in popular acculturation and current trends is very necessary (Paul Owiti, 2014). I believe this position will suit me because of my good networking skills as well as my ability to multitask. I am very social, intelligent, sharp and always in in tandem with the latest te chnology. I have good communication skills and I am excellent when it comes to team work. For wholly the above reasons, I believe I qualify to be a top copywriter.AGCAS Editors. (2013, December 13). Prospects The UKs decreed graduate careers website. Retrieved 2014, from Advertising copywriter Entry requirements

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British Political History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

British Political History - Essay ExamplePolitical scholars exhibiting interest in this aspect have highlighted that the success of the conservative ships comp any(prenominal) was attributable to numerous factors that favoured the fellowship in the twentieth century. This paper will offer a critical analysis of the factors that contributed to the success of the party in the twentieth century.A historical review of the party reveals that during the inter-war period, the conservative party proved to be the largest in the post of Commons. This was specifically in the period between 1918 and 1945. The party had the capacity to register majority votes as evidence by the elections in 1921-1931 in which it emerged the second but garnered a majority vote of 8.65 million. During the twentieth century, the party registered five victories and only two defeats. Interestingly, the victories were defined by massive majority votes. For example, there was a cartridge clip when the party had 200 MPs margin compared to the second largest party. The success of the conservative party in the 20th century has been attributed to the proper foundation of Disraeli and Salisbury in the previous century. This historical review of the party serves to depict the partys evident success in the 20th century. Numerous factors were critical contributors in ensuring that the party rose to its success (Pitchford 2011, p. 56).One of the factors that contributed to the success of the conservative party was its appealing foundation defined by impressive set as well as image. The founders of the conservative party associated it with conservatives values which served to attract the support of many people. This led to the partys massive social support which would later prove to be highly deep rooted and cohesive enough to bind the people. Notably, the values of any political party are key determinants of its success because supporters consider the values and the projected image in the first pl ace they can commit to the party.

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Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart and William Grant Still Research Paper

Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart and William Grant Still - Research composition ExampleOne person that understood best Mozarts creative litigate was them man himself. When asked about his process of coming up with compositions, he noteworthy that the ideas that he applied in his compositions came when he was alone and well-provided in spirit. It really did not matter the place as some of these ideas came when he was aboard a carriage travelling to one place or the other, when walking and when resting before falling asleep. Morzat also admitted that he loved to write down his ideas, talk of Barbel, Gretel and to birds leaving no room for common disturbances. He noted that he had no control over how the ideas came and when they started to flow.Whenever the ideas to came to his mind, he would retain the good ones in his memory sing them to himself. He would use the morsels of ideas to come up with a wonderful composition taking into account the peculiarities of the instruments to be used. F urthermore, he would refine his compositions before sitting back and listening to the final product. He was not so much concerned about originality in his cosmos process but his works ended up being unique. In the creation of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Morzat considers the instruments to be used the cello, viola, and two violins. The composition, however, is often performed by string orchestras. The creation of this piece was initially not intended for publication but was a serenade written on commission. William Stills compositions included chamber music, ballets, symphonies and solo instrument pieces.

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Effect of Advertising in Brand Promotion Dissertation

Effect of Advertising in Brand Promotion - Dissertation Examplewith formal Businesses 34 4.3 Analysis and Discussion 37 5.CONCLUSIONS, IMPLICATIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS 43 5.1 Conclusions 43 5.2 Recommendations and Implications for Businesses 45 5.3Revisiting Aims and Objectives 47 5.4 Research Limitations 48 5.5 Areas of Future Study 48 5.6 Concluding Remarks 49 References 50 Appendix-I 55 1. INTRODUCTION In nows competitive world, businesses can only survive if they communicate well to their customers. In the time when every(prenominal) other company is bombarding messages to the customers, one must not stay behind in the race of communication. there are several ways to communicate with the customers and where the product itself, the price and the place too communicates with the customers there are some specific communication tools available for companies to reach the target audiences. Promotion mix elaborates different ways via which a company can target its current and potenti al customers. These specific communication tools include denote, gross sales promotion, publicity / public relations and personal selling the promotion mix. This paper focuses on advertising as a way to reach audiences where the major focus is on brand building and how it may sponsor in promoting a business. The distinction between new and established businesses and the impact of advertising and brand on both a new and an established business is presented. 1.1 Background and Context Businesses focus on advertising and branding more than ever before this is partly because of the amplificationd competition. It has become important to stay gross in the time when every other business is advertising and promoting itself. Advertising and branding is the most adept and extremely vital for businesses. It is true that advertisements affect businesses several authors and researchers guide concluded that advertisement has the power to have an effect on businesses. Though not same, th ere is a close link between advertisement and brand promotion. Brands are created over a period of time and advertising plays a crucial berth in brand promotion a common marketing strategy used for creating awareness of products, increase in sales and ensuring customer loyalty is brand promotion. Many businesses instead of promoting individual products focus on promoting the brands as a part of their corporate strategy this is called corporate branding. Grime (2012, p. 146) defined corporate branding as a consistent effort centered on the company as a all told. The prime motive of brand promotion is to create customer awareness (Trehan & Trehan 2010) once established, the customer tends to grease ones palms that product again and again which leads to customer loyalty. Brand promotion also

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Analyzing Advertisements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Analyzing Advertisements - screen ExampleTommy Hilfiger and Guess? by Marciano atomic number 18 two high-end clothing lines that use a strong substitution class and theme to sell their brands, twain of them memorable, but both completely different from one another. In this way, both Tommy Hilfiger and Guess? become strongly associated with their respective themes, which creates their image and brands as distinctive and compelling.The first ad driveway is for Tommy Hilfiger. One campaign is a commercial for the 2011 spring line (tommyhilfiger). The other campaign that will be analyzed for Hilfiger is his ad campaign for the fall of 2010 (AndreDouglasFanClub). The Tommy Hilfiger ad for his spring 2011 line features a fake family of Hilfigers. individually member of the family identifies themselves by name, and, after they each introduce themselves, there is a little girl who says and we be the Hilfigers. The family features two black men, a dark man who appear Hispanic or Ital ian, several WASPY women, two men with longish hair who hold off like 1970s throwbacks, and two children a boy with barmy curly hair, and a young girl dressed in a coat. The ad unmistakably attempts to draw together these people together as a family, and a wealthy family at that. The cast of characters are seen end-to-end the ad, in different, stylish clothing that usually marries something super casual, like a striped golf shirt, to a lower place something more formal, like a blazer. They are unmistakably at a country club, as they are playing games like ping pong and tennis. Meanwhile, there are bikinied women around playing the games with the Hilfigers. There is too another man, unidentified, who has a high afro and is joining in the fun. There are even two dogs, two basset hounds, presumably the family dogs. Throughout the commercial, new people are introduced, and they all have the same look - casual, mixed with formal elements, usually wearing sunglasses. Blazers with w ith a crisp white shirt mixed

GUCCI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

GUCCI - shew ExampleExhibit A and Exhibit E show in the new 2006 Ready to go advertisement that GUCCI Blouses atomic number 18 far advanced in terms of gelds and fashion design as compared to galore(postnominal) of its blouse competitors standardized DKNY, D & G, BCBG, Burberry, Diesel, and others. The financial statement of DKNY shows that the net profit is only a low 8% of the net sales. (www.edgar-on-line.com)The key functions of buying and merchandising and other liaison with retail and marketing include ranging, pricing, promotions and space allocation. Buyers also identify market opportunities to meet changing consumer needs The market opportunity, based on the trend forecast, shows that GUCCI blouses are one of the top fashion statements that many of the rich clients love to keep as bring out items both on their person and at home.In accounting, the intercommunicate Income statement is estimated by first communicate the future sales. In this case the blouse sales no minate been estimated to be 2.5% higher than its previous 7% per year. To set up the sales for three months, the annual sales of 7% of 210 billion pounds is multiplied 3 months and divided by 12 months. The months are July, August and September. Therefore the estimated sales are 4.99 million pounds for the three month period.The projected sales as stated in the problem is 210 million and blouses took 7% of the sales. This year you are feel for a 2.5% increase and you are expected to operate on 8 weeks cover. This entrust translate to (210 million x (.07+.025) x (3/12) = $1.322 million for the 3 month period. Therefore the buying department ordain have to spend 1.322 million pounds for the entire three month blouse purchases. Exhibit C shows the balance sheet for 2002 to 2004.The blouses will then be presented to the brand director for approval. After approval from the brand director, the blouses will be presented to the retailers for expose in its regularly assigned store she lves and show rooms. Exhibit D shows the WSSI estimates.The retail stores prefer companies, like GUCCI, that have fast moving items since most retail stores base their commissions on total sales. If the sales are slow, then the retail outlets will have lower commissions. GUCCI, also, has its own fashion galleries and stores plus its many catwalk presentations that will increase sales.Buying price ranges for each Gucci blouse (Eicher, 2003) is 30 pounds, 40 pounds, 50 pounds, 60 pounds, 70 pounds and 80 pounds. These will be respectively change at 113 pounds, 150 pounds, 188 pounds, 226 pounds, 264 pounds and 300 pounds respectively. Gucci products are being sold in over fifty countries. This includes United States, Europe, Asia, Canada and others. Regarding the retail marketing it does against competitors etc, Companies like Gucci and Max mara, with their own stores and essential management style, may be better fixed than others. And as Mr. Maramotti said after the Max Mara show, with its romantic peasant blouses, sashed dresses in mens-wear fabrics and crisp Sergeant Pepper jackets, we make nice clothes for strong people. (http//query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.htmlres=9501E1DA123DF931A35753C1A9679C8B63&pagewanted=print)Gucci product ranges include fashion jewelry,

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To what extent does international trade explain the remarkable success Essay - 1

To what extent does international trade explain the remarkable success of the East Asian economies since 1945 - study ExampleDeng Xiaoping, at the Third Plenum of the 11th Party Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 1978, criticized the Cultural Revolution and insisted that CCP should prioritize economic growth (Hess 22). This incident is widely recognized as the offshoot of mainland Chinas monetary reform period and undeniable economic wonder, as an outcome of which China became the second biggest and most vigorous providence in the world. This paper discusses the evolution of Chinas fiscal reform.In 1978, Deng Xiaoping and his peers from the Partys Central Committee gathered in Beijing and agreed that monetary reform was the only solution to the political and economic problems confronting China (Tam 83). China, during that time, was an impoverished, strictly regulated agrarian economy on the brink of failure. The initial period of financial reforms was characterized by a marked growth of financial institutions. From 1978 to 1988, leading banks, including the central bank, were founded, as well as numerous financial agencies, credit cooperatives, and trust and investment firms at municipal, provincial, and central level (Zhu 1505). In 1983, two highly significant events occurred first, the Peoples entrust of China (PBoC) took on the functions of a central bank and, second, PBoCs commercial banking operations were divided into quadruplet state-owned, autonomous banks, popularly called the Big Four the Peoples Construction swan of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China, and the recently established Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Hess 25).Institution building began in the initial reform period with the formation of a two-level banking construction. In 1995, central banking experienced a red-hot push when a new policy on the PBoC was implemented that provided the central bank the legal structure to function under t he headship of the State Council in a market-driven setting (Riedel and Jin 79). At

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Writing the Research Paper Essay Example for Free

Writing the Research Paper Essay1. Identify the exposed of your peers look for paper?The research paper was an expos on the activities of hackers in gaining unauthorised access to the internet and the government serve to deter them.Explain why the subject is too broad, too narrow, or appropriate for the length of the paper.The subject is too broad for this kind of paper because the paper was non able to touch on the comely details that would encounter made the subject more(prenominal) explicit to people who are not familiar(predicate) with the computer. The writer made mention of a lot of terminologies that could nonplus been explained if the paper had been longer.2. The thesis statement is taenia hackers from causing more harvoc.The sentence that, in my opinion, expresses this is Wi-Fi and ceasing the hackers endeavours3. I occupy singled out this paragraph resistance against piano tuner hacking is extremely difficult to keep secure. There are products developed tha t require no configuration of whatever(prenominal) firm strugglee or upgrades of some(prenominal) kind. Wave Security has developed this software. The software is used to detect any threats and secure the system. WaveSentinel handles intrusion detection, monitoring and logging for standard access points. WaveScanner integrates with the existing TCP/IP warranter scanners to reveal specific wireless vulneratbilities.It is quite explicit as it attempted to find the solution to the peck problem of illegally connecting to the internet via other peoples wireless connection. This paragraph is leisurely to upon) and any reader would be eager to know more about this solution as it was presented as a very simple and attractive solution.4In all the precautions and security factors with Wi-Fi I dedicate found it counts wardriving is still quite popular and hidden from most internet users knowledge. Chances are that a WarDriver hacking a bank may get away with it, leaving the Wi-Fi owner the suspect. Thousands of clueless people, including those in tony apartments with wireless internet, have leaky networks-allowing anyone on the road easy access to the Web 5. Paragraphsa. That ingest to be erected with more specific details.This free wifi will reduce the hackers urge to steal and pure tone like the hacker did any monetary damage to youIn all the precautions and security factors with Wi-Fi I have found it seems wardriving is still quite popular and hidden from most internet users knowledgeb. That contain any logical fallacies/faulty reasoning. Recommend strategies to remediate the effectiveness of those paragraphs.I found these statements illogical to say the least. It seem as if the native language of the writer is not English language, or better still, the writer has not mastered the basic rules governing the use of the language. There are actually better ways of constructing these sentences that would be both(prenominal) simpler and more explicit. I hereby suggest the following amendments to the statements.Since the beginnings of computers capable of accessing wififrom the time computers have been able to accessing the internet using the Wireless Fidelity (WIFi) technologyhackers have had their enjoyment in war driving in the times past, hackers have had a swell time enjoying War Divingselective information encryption needs to become harder for hackers to figure outThe technology of Data Encryption needs to be more sophisticated in order to deter intending and potential hackers from carrying out their heinous actProtection against wireless hacking is extremely difficult to keep secure Security against illegal intrusion is not an easy task to achieve6. Identify places in the paper where the author fails to maintain an objective point of view. What go would you recommend to the author to correct the problem?Throughout the paper, the writer made use of references to support his claims. He however lifted these phrases and the result is t hat they all did not blend with his own words, the tone was different.7. Check the writers sources and documentation format for both in-text citations and the References page to ensure that they conform to APA requirements. Identify any errors that need to be corrected in the final draft.8. Identify any missing elements for the essay (title, abstract, thesis statement, and support for claims, in-text citations, conclusion, or reference list).The title, abstract, thesis statement, in-text citations and conclusion were all included in the paper.9. Identify any angiotensin-converting enzyme or coherence issues that you find.10. Identify any areas where more effective use of transitional words and phrases would improve the coherence of the essay.In the body of the essay, the writer made use of several sources without regard for the tone of the words. most(prenominal) of these references, however helpful they are, still ended up jumbling up the full paper as the whole thing were disto rted.11. Additional CommentsThe paper is very informative and it contained a lot of facts. However, the writer failed to sieve this facts to macrocosm out what could have been a more coherent paper. Most of the references contained information that enriched the paper. However, they all had different tones both formal and informal. The result is a collection of paragraphs that I can describe as disjointed. Coherence was miss throughout.

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Bbq Sauce Essay Example for Free

Bbq act proveThe king-sizegest strength of this do is that it bath be used as dipping behave also. People love to annihilate this act with roosted sustenance and fast food as dipping sauce. It means that this sauce has two divergent uses that we understructure use it for grill purpose and we dismiss also use it as dipping sauce. The price of this sauce is actually moderate and comparatively to otherwise blur BBQ sauce, the ETA authentic cook out sauce has less price. The taste of this sauce is very rich or in other words unique taste this is a big strength of this sauce. The colour of the sauce is very impressive which is dark brown.People who love barbecue food also like this sauce and are the favourite sauce of many multitude. The sauce quality is eminent and female genitalia deal with any competitive sauce around the world as both barbeque and dipping sauce. This sauce has a higher shelf life than its competitors and it has expiry date of 1 year thats me an user butt end utilise this sauce as much as long for 1 year. It does non need to be refrigerated we can put it anywhere within room temperature and we can take it anywhere we want much(prenominal) as to any party or any picnic. payable to its popularity it can be found anywhere in Australia.We can purchase this sauce from wool expense or from any big or small grocery shop. WEAKNESSES This sauce has a bad furtherance and also the material of the bottle is not a good quality. The bottle is also plain. few populate do not like to purchase it due to previously mentioned reason. The label of the product is also un good-natured. Few community also dont like the colour combination of the bottle and the labelling which is red and yellow. The sauce is mostly placed on the last shelf in many big stores like Coles and Woolworth and this rattling affects the sale of any good.This sauce is basically famous in only Australian population not in people from other countries. Therefore , mostly overseas students, people and migrants do not wish to sweep away this sauce because they dont know about it because of its placement. The bottle shape is not good and unattractive so mostly people buy the other BBQ sauce rather than ETA current BBQ sauce. The bottle of ETA reliable barbecue sauce is made up of plastic and is not seeing through so people can not judge that how many sauce is left into the bottle and thats the weak luff of this ETA original barbecue sauce.The labelling of this product is also not attractive because it is scratch able. Some people in Australia do not like the smell of this sauce. So it is hard for them to eat this sauce due to painful smell. The one to a greater extent weakness of this product is that the BRAND is not popular thats mean that the brand is weak so people dose not know about it because of its unpopularity. OPPORTUNITIES The ETA original Barbeque sauce is the product of Goodman Fielder Foods Services and this society can put more than effort to promote this sauce as much as they can within contrasting groups of people to appropriate better result.This beau monde can make better furtherance and labelling by using the good plastic quality of bottle and by putting the sticker rather than labelling the bottle like Masterfoods does. They can also make packaging of this product more stylish according to the modern needs. They can also make it more attractive with cool grip and stylish shape. The taste of people changes time to time so they should do more and more grocery store research to make the taste of this sauce according to the people needs.They can do expansion by advertising it more and more particularly in students and young people. The company can also reduce the price of ETA Original Barbecue Sauce so can easily compete in the market and more people pass on buy this product so the supply will increase as the demand will increase, so company can make larger profit. The company can also distri bute free samples in schools colleges and universities for make people familiar with this ETA original barbecue sauce. THREATSThe threats for this sauce are mostly due to other barbecue sauces like Masterfoods and Fountain barbecue sauce which is more famous then ETA Original Barbecue Sauce. The biggest threats for ETA Original Barbecue Sauce are other competitors and most of them are Woolworths Home Brand, Masterfoods, Fountain, Nandos and Oporto. Woolworths Home Brand Barbecue sauce is more likely cheaper than ETA Original Barbecue Sauce and this can easily affect the sales of ETA Barbecue Sauce because admitr will consume the same quantity in cheaper price so they mostly go for the Home Brand sauce. other competitor like Nandos and Oporto can also defiantly affect the sale of ETA Original Barbecue Sauce because Nandos and Oporto have a long range in different sauces for example Mild Barbecue sauce, blistery Peri Peri Barbecue sauce. Nandos and Oporto have sauces according to th e taste and mood of people. If weather is rainy then people do more activity like making barbeque in homes etc and they need sauces to make their barbecue more tasty so they mostly use different sauces like Nandos and Oporto because they have different kind of sauces such as mild, hot and etc.So weather conditions really affect the sale of this ETA barbecue sauce. new(prenominal) threat to this sauce is environmentalist groups because ETA barbecue sauce has a plastic bottle and is difficult to reuse as compared with other materials. TARGET MARKET The target Market for ETA Original Barbecue sauce can be anyone such as students, young people, elderly people or a group of people who loves to eat barbeque with sauce. So in simple words any Barbeque sauce lover could be the target market for ETA Original Barbeque Sauce.A person who buys ETA barbecue sauce can use it as a dipping sauce and also for barbecue use. This is not necessary that the ETA Original Barbecue Sauce is only compatib le with only Barbeque but it can also use for different purposes such as consumer can consume this product with rice, hot chips, hash browns and etc. In different get-together friends can use this barbecue sauce for making barbecue food or enjoy their repast with this sauce as dipping sauce.It can also be used in parties such as friends get to gather, any type of celebration like birthday or marriage ceremony or foretoken warming parties. ETA Original Barbecue Sauce can also make or target their market by distributing the free sachets in universities, schools, Westfield and WestPoint or any shopping centres in order to tell people about the product, and as people will familiar with the product, they could definitely buy the product so ETA Original Barbeque Sauce could make more customers and cpuld easily make more profits.

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Concepts And Definitions Of Disability Essay Example for Free

Concepts And Definitions Of constipation EssayThe contemporary conception of tab proposed in the WHO supranational Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) views impairment as an umbrella term for impairments, activity limitations and connection restrictions. Disability is the interaction amidst individuals with a health condition (e.g. rational palsy, Down syndrome or depression) and mortalal and environmental factors (e.g. negative attitudes, untouch competent transportation, or limited social supports). Long ago there was great confusion all over the content of cost such(prenominal)(prenominal) as impairment, handicap, or disability. Then, in 1980, the WHO provided great service by offering a clear pleader of thinking about it all in a minute book cal conduct internationalistic Classification of Impairments, Disabilities and tabs. entirely these terms refer to the consequences of disease, besides consider the consequences at different l evels. The disease produces few form of pathology, and then the individual may become aw be of this they experience symptoms. Later, the performance or demeanor of the person may be affected, and because of this the person may suffer consequences such as being unable(p) to work.In this general scenario, Impairment was outlined as any loss or ab recipeity of psychological, physiological, or anatomical mental synthesis or scarper. Impairment is a deviation from normal organ function it may be visible or invisible (screening tests generally seek to identify impairments). Disability was defined as any restriction or lack (aftermathing from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being. Impairment does non necessarily lead to a disability, for the impairment may be corrected. I am, for pillow slip, wearing eye glasses, but do non recognize that any disability arises from my impaired vision.A disability re fers to the function of the individual (rather than of an organ, as with impairment). In turn, stoppage was defined as a detriment for a given individual, resulting from impairment or a disability that limits or pr level offts the fulfillment of a role that is normal (depending on age, sex, and social and cultural factors) for that individual. Handicap considers the persons break outicipation in their social context. For example, if there is a wheel-chair access ramp at work, a disabled person may non be handicapped in coming to work there. Here are roughly examplesImpairment Speech production Disability Speaking clearly enough to be understood Handicap Communication I Hearing D Understanding H CommunicationI Vision D Seeing H OrientationI Motor control, balance, joint stiffness D Dressing, feeding, walking H Independence, mobility I Affective, cognitive limitations D Behaving, interacting, supporting H Social interaction, reasonableness Here is a draw that sugg ests possible parallels between the impairment, disability handicap trinity, and the disease, illness and sickness triad. (The squiggly arrows are intended to presage a rough correspondence)Patients do not come to their physicians to find out what ICD code they claim, they come to proceed help for what is b othering them. A Positive Perspective? Quality of Life and the International Classification of Function The focalize on disability takes a somewhat negative entree to health, perhaps not unreasonable since doctors are supposed to cure diseases. But starting in the 1980s clinicians began to set goals to achieve when the disease could not be cured, beyong merely controlling symptoms. The notion of Quality of Life gained prominence as a way to emphasize a positive perspective on health health as a talent to function and to bed, even if the patient has a chronic condition.A central aim of care was to enhance the quality of the patients function, and hence their ability to life as normal a life as possible, even if the disorder could not be cured. This notion was a further extension of handicap, shell outing maintenance of normal function, but adding psychological well-being and, if possible, positive feelings of engagement. Measurements of quality of life extend the disability focus beyond the ability to perform activities of daily living to include a broad range of functioning (work, home, play) and as well as the persons feelings of satisfaction and well-being. This is necessarily a qualitative and subjective concept, judged by the patient in terms of the terminus to which they are able to do the things they wish to do. In this medical context, quality of life is distinct from riches or possessions, and to amke this clear you may see the term health-related quality of life.Reflecting these evolving ideas, the WHO revised itsImpairment, Disability and Handicap triad in 2001, re-naming it the International Classification of Function (ICF). This classification system provides codes for the complete range of functional states codes cover body structures and functions, impairments, activities and participation in society. The ICF also considers contextual factors that may influence activity levels, so function is viewed as an interaction between health conditions (a disease or distress) and the context in which the person lives (both somatic environment and cultural norms relevant to the disease). It establishes a common language for describing functional states that can be employ in comparing across diseases and countries. The ICF therefore uses positive language, so that activity and participation replace disability and handicap. The ICF is described on the WHO web site.Impairment, Disability and HandicapSheena L. Carter, Ph.D.The words impairment, disability, and handicap, are oft used interchangeably. They live with very different meanings, however. The differences in meaning are important for understanding the effec ts of neurological injury on development.The most commonly cited definitions are those provided by the World Health Organization (1980) in The International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and HandicapsImpairment any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function.Disability any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being.Handicap a disadvantage for a given individual that limits or prevents the fulfillment of a role that is normalAs traditionally used, impairment refers to a problem with a structure ororgan of the body disability is a functional limitation with regard to a particular activity and handicap refers to a disadvantage in filling a role in life relative to a peer group.Examples to illustrate the differences among the terms impairment, disability, and handicap.1. CP example David is a 4-yr.-old who has a form of noetic palsy (CP) called spastic diplegia. Davids CP causes his legs to be stiff, tight, and difficult to move. He cannot stand or walk.Impairment The inability to move the legs easily at the joints and inability to bear discharge weight on the feet is an impairment. Without orthotics and surgery to release abnormally contracted muscles, Davids level of impairment may increase as imbalanced muscle contraction over a period of time can cause hip to(predicate) dislocation and deformed bone growth. No intercession may be currently available to diminish Davids impairment.Disability Davids inability to walk is a disability. His level of disability can be mitigated with physiological therapy and limited equipment. For example, if he learns to use a walker, with braces, his level of disability will improve considerably.Handicap Davids cerebral palsy is handicapping to the extent that it prevents him from fulfilling a normal role at home, in pre school, and in the community. His level of handicap has been only very mild in the early years as he has been well-supported to be able to play with other children, interact normally with family members and participate fully in family and community activities. As he gets older, his handicap will increase where certain sports and physical activities are considered normal activities for children of the same age.He has little handicap in his preschool classroom, though he needs some assistance to move about the classroom and from one activity to another outside the classroom. Appropriate services and equipment can reduce the extent to which cerebral palsy prevents David from fulfilling a normal role in the home, school and community as he grows.2. LD example Cindy is an 8-year-old who has extreme difficulty with practice session ( exacting dyslexia). She has good vision and hearing and scores well on tests of intelligence. She went to an slender preschool and several different circumscribed(prenominal)(prenomina l) reading programs have been tried since early in kindergarten.Impairment firearm no encephalon injury or malformation has been identified, some impairment is presumed to exist in how Cindys brain puts together visual and auditory information. The impairment may be inability to associate sounds with symbols, for example.Disability In Cindys case, the inability to read is a disability. The disability can probably be improved by laborious different precept methods and using those that seem most strong with Cindy. If the impairment can be explained, it may be possible to dramatically improve the disability by using a method of t to each oneing that does not require skills that are impaired (That is, if the difficulty involves skill sounds for letters, a sight-reading greet can improve her level of disability).Handicap Cindy already experiences a handicap as compared with other children in her class at school, and she may fail third grade. Her condition will become more handicapp ing as she gets older if an effective approach is not found to improve her reading or to teach her to compensate for her reading difficulties. nonetheless if the level of disability stays severe (that is, she never learns to read well), this will be less handicapping if she learns to tape lectures and read books on audiotapes. Using such approaches, even in elementary school, can prevent her reading disability from interfering with her progress in other academic areas (increasing her handicap).Gale Encyclopedia of EducationHistory of particular(prenominal) EducationTopHome Library History, Politics Society Education Encyclopedia picky breeding, as its name suggests, is a specialized branch of education. Claiming lineage to such persons as Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard (1775 1838), the physician who tamed the anomalous boy of Aveyron, and Anne Sullivan Macy (1866 1936), the teacher who worked miracles with Helen Keller, special educators teach those students who have physical, cognitive, language, learning, sensory, and/or emotional abilities that deviate from those of the general people. Special educators provide instruction specifically tailored to meet individualized needs, making education available to students who other would have limited access to education. In 2001, special education in the United States was serving over five million students. Although nationally mandated special education is relatively new in the United States, students with disabilities have been present in every era and in every society.Historical records have lucidly put down the most severe disabilities those that transcend task and setting. Itards description of the wild boy of Aveyron documents a variety of behaviors consistent with both mental retardation and behavioral disorders. Nineteenth-century reports of deviant behavior describe conditions that could easily be see as severe mental retardation, autism, or schizophrenia. Milder forms of disability became apparen t only after the advent of oecumenical open education. When literacy became a goal for all children, teachers began observing disabilities specific to task and setting that is, less severe disabilities.After decades of research and legislation, special education now provides services to students with varying degrees and forms of disabilities, including mental retardation, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, speech-language (communication) disabilities, impaired hearing and deafness, low vision and blindness, autism, traumatic brain injury, other health impairments, and severe and quaternary disabilities.Development of the Field of Special EducationAt its inception in the early nineteenth century, leading of social change set out to cure many ills of society. Physicians and clergy, including Itard, Edouard O. Seguin (1812 1880), Samuel Gridley Howe (1801 1876), and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (1787 1851), wanted to ameliorate the neglectful, ofttimes abusive treatment of individuals with disabilities. A richliterature describes the treatment provided to individuals with disabilities in the 1800s They were often confined in jails and almshouses without decent food, clothing, personal hygiene, and exercise. During much of the nineteenth century, and early in the ordinal, professionals believed individuals with disabilities were best treated in residential facilities in rural environments. Advocates of these institutions argued that environmental conditions such as urban poverty and vices induced behavioral problems. Reformers such as Dorothea Dix (1802 1887) prevailed upon state governments to provide funds for bigger and more specialized institutions. These facilities focused more on a particular disability, such as mental retardation, then known as feeble-mindedness or amentia mental illness, then labeled insanity or madness sensory impairment such as deafness or blindness and behavioral disorders such as criminality and juvenile delinquency.C hildren who were judged to be tumble-down or aggressive, but not insane, were sent to houses ofrefuge or reform schools, whereas children and adults judged to be mad were admitted to psychiatric hospitals. Dix and her following believed that institutionalization of individuals with disabilities would end their abuse (confinement without treatment in jails and poorhouses) and provide effective treatment. Moral treatment was the dominant approach of the early nineteenth century in psychiatric hospitals, the aim being cure. Moral treatment employ methods analogous to todays occupational therapy, systematic instruction, and positive reinforcement. Evidence suggests this approach was humane and effective in some cases, but the treatment was generally abandoned by the late nineteenth century, due large(p)ly to the adversity of moral therapists to train others in their techniques and the rise of the tactile sensation that mental illness was always a result of brain disease. By the en d of the nineteenth century, pessimism about cure and emphasis on physiological causes led to a change in orientation that would later bring about the warehouse-like institutions that have become a symbol for abuse and neglect of societys most vulnerable citizens.The practice of moral treatment was replaced by the belief that most disabilities were incurable. This led to keeping individuals with disabilities ininstitutions both for their own protection and for the betterment of society. Although the transformation took many years, by the end of the nineteenth century the size of institutions had increased sodramatically that the goal of rehabilitation was no longer possible. Institutions became instruments for permanent segregation. Many special education professionals became critics of institutions. Howe, one of the first to argue for in stitutions for deal with disabilities, began advocating placing out residents into families. Unfortunately this practice became a logistical and pragmatic problem before it could become a viable alternative to institutionalization. At the close of the nineteenth century, state governments established juvenile courts and social welfare programs, including foster homes, for children and adolescents. The child study movement became prominent in the early twentieth century.Using the approach pioneered by G. Stanley Hall (1844 1924 considered the founder of child psychology), researchers attempted to study child development scientifically in relation to education and in so doing established a place for psychology within mankind schools. In 1931, the Bradley Home, the first psychiatric hospital for children in the United States, was established in East Providence, Rhode Island. The treatment offered in this hospital, as well as most of the other hospitals of the early twentieth century, was psychodynamic. Psychodynamic ideas fanned touch in the diagnosis and classification of disabili ties. In 1951 the first institution for re search on exceptional children undefendable at the University of Illinois and began what was to become the newest focus of the field of special education the slow learner and, eventually, what we know today as learning disability.The Development of Special Education in Institutions and takes Although Itard failed to normalize Victor, the wild boy of Averyon, he did produce dramatic changes in Victors behavior through education. Modern special education practices can be traced to Itard, and his work marks the beginning of widespread attempts to instruct students with disabilities. In 1817 the first special education school in the United States, the American Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb (now called the American School for the Deaf), was established in Hartford, Connecticut, by Gallaudet. By the middle of the nineteenth century, special educational programs were being provided in many asylums. Education was a prominent part of moral therapy. By the cl ose of the nineteenth century, special classes within systematic public schools had been launched in major cities. These special classes were initially established for immigrant students who werenot accomplished in English and students who had mild mental retardation or behavioral disorders.Descriptions of these children included terms such as steamer children, backward, truant, and incorrigible. Procedures for identifying defectives were included in the Worlds Fair of 1904. By the 1920s special classes for students judged unsuitable for regular classes had become common in major cities. In 1840 Rhode Island passed a impartiality mandating compulsory education for children, but not all states had compulsory education until 1918. With compulsory schooling and the swelling tide of anti-institution sentiment in the twentieth century, many children with disabilities were moved out of institutional settings and into public schools. However, by the mid-twentieth century children with d isabilities were still often excluded from public schools and kept at home if not institutionalized. In order to respond to the new population of students with special needs entering schools, school officials created still more special classes in public schools. The modus operandi of special classes and complementary support services (assistance given to teachers in managing behavior and learning problems) increased dramatically after World War II.During the early 1900s there was also an increased attention to mental health and a consequent interest in establishing child guidance clinics. By 1930 child guidance clinics and counseling services were relatively common features of major cities, and by 1950 special education had become an identifiable part of urban public education in nearly every school district. By 1960 special educators were instructing their students in a continuum of settings that included hospital schools for those with the most severe disabilities, specialized da y schools for students with severe disabilities who were able to live at home, and special classes in regular public schools for students whose disabilities could be managed in small groups. During this period special educators also began to take on the role of consultant, assisting other teachers in instructing students with disabilities.Thus, by 1970 the field of special education was offering a variety of educational placements to students with varying disabilities and needs however, public schools were not yet demand to educate all students regardless of their disabilities. During the middle decades of the twentieth century, instruction of children with disabilities often was based on physical process training which involves attempts to improve childrens academicperformance by teaching them cognitive or motor processes, such as perceptualmotor skills, visual memory, auditory memory, or auditory-vocal processing. These are ancient ideas that found twentieth-century proponents. Process training enthusiasts taught children different perceptual skills (e.g., identifying different sounds or objects by touch) or perceptual motor skills (e.g., balancing) with the notion that fluency in these skills would generalize to reading, writing, arithmetic, and other basic academic tasks. After many years of research, however, such training was shown not to be effective in improving academic skills. Many of these same ideas were recycled in the late twentieth century as learning styles, multiple intelligences, and other notions that the underlying process of learning varies with gender, ethnicity, or other physiological differences. None of these theories has found much support in reliable research, although direct instruction, mnemonic (memory) devices, and a few other instructional strategies have been supported reliably by research.The History of Legislation in Special EducationAlthough many contend that special education was born with the passage of the Education fo r All Handicapped Children Act (EAHCA) in 1975, it is clear that special educators were beginning to respond to the needs of children with disabilities in public schools nearly a century earlier. It is also clear that EAHCA did not spring from a vacuum. This landmark law naturally evolved from events in both special education and the larger society and came about in large part due to the work of grass roots organizations composed of both parents and professionals. These groups dated back to the 1870s, when the American Association of Instructors of the Blind and the American Association on Mental Deficiency (the latter is now the American Association on Mental Retardation) were formed. In 1922 the Council for Exceptional Children, now the major professional organization of special educators, was organized. In the 1930s and 1940s parent groups began to band together on a national level.These groups worked to trifle changes in their own communities and, consequently, set the stage fo r changes on a national level. Two of the most authoritative parent advocacy groups were the National Association for Retarded Citizens (now ARC/USA), organized in 1950, and the Association for Children with cultivation Disabilities, organized in 1963. Throughout the firsthalf of the twentieth century, advocacy groups were securing local ordinances that would protect and servicing individuals with disabilities in their communities. For example, in 1930, in Peoria, Illinois, the first white cane ordinance gave individuals with blindness the right-of-way when crossing the street.By mid-century all states had legislation providing for education of students with disabilities. However, legislation was still noncompulsory. In the late 1950s national coin was allocated for educating children with disabilities and for the training of special educators. Thus the federal government became formally involved in research and in training special education professionals, but limited its invol vement to these functions until the 1970s. In 1971, this support was reinforced and prolonged to the state level when the Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children (PARC) filed a class action suit against their Commonwealth.This suit, intractable by consent agreement, specified that all children age six through twenty-one were to be provided free public education in the least restricting alternative (LRA, which would later become the least restrictive environment LRE clause in EAHCA). In 1973 the Rehabilitation Act prohibited discriminatory practices in programs receiving federal financial assistance but imposed no affirmative obligations with respect to special education. In 1975 the judicial action begun under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations resulted in EAHCA, which was signed into law by President Gerald Ford. EAHCA reached full implementation in 1977 and required school districts to provide free and appropriate education to all of their students with disabilitie s. In return for federal funding, each state was to ensure that students with disabilities bumpd non-discriminatory testing, evaluation, and placement the right to due process education in the least restrictive environment and a free and appropriate education.The centerpiece of this public law (known since 1990 as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA) was, and is, a free appropriate public education (FAPE). To ensure FAPE, the law mandated that each student receiving special education receive an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Under EAHCA, students with identified disabilities were to receive FAPE and an IEP that included relevant instructional goals and objectives, specifications as to length of school year, determination of the most appropriate educational placement, and descriptions of criteria to be usedin evaluation and measurement. The IEP was designed to ensure that all students with disabilities received educational programs specific to their uni que needs.Thus, the education of students with disabilities became federally controlled. In the 1982 case of Board of Education of the Hendrick Hudson Central School district v. Rowley, the U.S. Supreme Court clarified the level of services to be afforded students with special needs and ruled that special education services need only provide some educational benefit to students public schools were not required to maximize the educational progress of students with disabilities. In so doing the Supreme Court further defined what was meant by a free and appropriate education. In 1990 EAHCA was revise to include a change to person-first language, permutation the term handicapped student with student with disabilities. The 1990 amendments also added new classification categories for students with autism and traumatic brain injury and transition plans within IEPs for students age fourteen or older.In 1997, IDEA was reauthorized under President Clinton and amended to require the inclus ion of students with disabilities in statewide and districtwide assessments, measurable IEP goals and objectives, and functional behavioral assessment and behavior preventative plans for students with emotional or behavioral needs. Because IDEA is amended and reauthorized every few years, it is impossible to predict the emerging of this law. It is possible that it will be repealed or altered dramatically by a future Congress. The special education story, both past and future, can be written in many different ways.

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International terrorism essay questions Essay Example for Free

International terrorist act essay questions EssayThe reasons for hysteria in the Middle East can be attri aloneed to the following economical, governmental and religious reasons. The Islamic etymons point out that the west policies i. e. its political, economic and cultural systems, are aimed to state of wards eradicating Muslims around the reality and they have to protect themselves by any way possible even if its brutality and terrorism. They deal that in that location are number of cases where United States has been in the forefront to wage war against Muslims. For instance, the U. S. support of Israeli in their war against Palestine, the U.S backing of sanctions against Iraq and dictatorship in Algeria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. They show that in all these cases among others that U. S. has through with(p) very little to protect Muslims yet they are the ones whose property and are being confiscated. Besides these reasons, they claim that their rights have been violated for a long time without apparent action, including the Serbian and Croatian brutal kill of Bosnian Muslims, the Russian war in Chechnya, the Indian grabbing of Kashmir and Israeli occupation of west bank and Gaza.They argue that these give enough evidence why they should example violence and terrorism to fight for their rights. They claim that practise has either supported these brutality or done thing to prevent hence they believe that it is justifiable to use terrorize U. S military facilities as well as its citizens. In addition, because all these war occur in Islamic related territories or countries, then they reason that it is a war against Islamic religion hence they call for jihads or religious war to protect extinction of their religion.At the selfsame(prenominal) time, they fight for land confiscated from their people such as Palestinians and Lebanons for establishment of their political territories or governments. Therefore, sources of this violence can neither be cl assified as being political, economic or religiously related, as its all these factors intertwined that seem to be problem. At the same time, one can conclude that these terrorists groups, such as ham as, Hezbollah were formed to either fight for land grabbed from Muslims or call for economic justice like end of sanctions.Hence, it is more of an economic problem than other factors, its only use that their leaders use Islam to mobilize Muslims in the entire world for war. Now, that the sources of these violence seems to be directed towards achieving certain grievances. Hence, there is contain for all affected parties to come together, to scrutinize and formulate policies and strategies, which will address these problems.For there is need to take a more even approach when addressing Israeli/Palestine war, ending the ban on Iraq and the Kashmir conflict among others. Rather the U. S. and other super powers only see these activists as their enemies and people who should not exist. The refore, select for military action and economic sanctions for any nation, which does not support them or acts as residence for these people.alternatively of coming up with a long term political policies to tackle these grievances, which many Muslim activists and radical groups share in common. The fact remains that it is out of desperation and pain that these radical groups opt to use violence to air their grievances, and no military action or economic sanctions can eradicate these terrorism, but there is need for a more sensitive policies and strategies to address the grievances of these radical groups.

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Underage Drinking Essay Example for Free

Underage Drinking EssayJoseph A. Califano, Jr. , Chairman and professorship of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University once said, A child who reaches age 21 without smoking, abusing intoxicant or using drugs is virtually certain never to do so. Damn , I thought to myself as I rolled over and looked at the clock on the nightstand upon hearing my phvirtuoso ringing at exactly 135 in the morning.I direct new and felt something was wrong. May I speak with starting Sergeant Foy please? growled the man with the crusty voice on the other side of the phone line. First Sergeant, this is Sergeant Miller of the Military natural law station here at Fort Campbell. I have tierce of your soldiers here that be macrocosm charged with pocket-size intoxication and public intoxication. Can you please have a Sergeant First Class or higher here to sign for the soldiers? Yeah, I barked into the phone. I go out be there shortly. I hang up the phone wi thout asking who the three soldiers were.Traveling back on base to Fort Campbell, my mind was racing back and forth between who the three soldiers were and what I would do to them as punishment when I arrive. Upon arrival at the military police station, there sat handcuffed secluded First Class Lees, Private First Class Pierre and Private First Class Beck. totally three, upon seeing my arrival, looked to the ground. Looking at them reminded me of the look my son gives me every time he does something wrong.Without a word, I signed for the three soldiers and called up their respective Platoon Sergeants, at least now knowing for sure they are already awake by that time, at 0300 in the morning. I commanded the soldiers to stay at the barracks for the rest of the four-day pass and be ready to see me at 0930 AM after their first day back. The quest Tuesday, the soldiers were then read their Miranda rights and are given a packet that they will have to take a lawyer to look. After whic h, they were given their corresponding punishments known as the Uniform Code of Military Justice.Punishments cranial orbit from taking the rank from the soldiers, which we call a bust, and/or restriction to the post, and/or imposing extra duty, and/or taking monetary amount from the soldiers. These are, of course, up to the Commander of the unit. I, being a First Sergeant, am the right hand and senior advisor to the Commander of the company. Usually, whatever the First Sergeant and Commander agree upon will ultimately be the punishment of the soldiers. The fol griming month, all three soldiers were given su sinked busts, forfeiture of ccc dollars for one month, extra duties and restriction for s level days.One of the soldiers asked during his time with the Commander, If I can vote, go to Iraq near month with my unit, serve my country with honor, combat terrorism and even give my life for my country at eighteen, then wherefore cant I have a drink or both with my friends before I leave? Seven days later, we deployed to Iraq. The reason that I narrated this story first is alone to recognize the event that underage imbibing has become a problem in the United States of the States and even in the Military.In fact, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated, By the time they reach the eighth grade, nearly 50 percent of adolescents have had at least one drink, and over 20 percent report having been drunk. Among 12th graders, almost 30 percent report drinking on three or much occasions per month. Approximately 30 percent of 12th graders secure in heavy drinking or binge drinking, that is having at least five or to a greater extent drinks on one occasion within the past 2 weeks, and it is estimated that 20 percent do so on more(prenominal) than one occasion (National Institute, 2003).These percentages are astounding whenever I come back about everything else that goes along with underage drinking such as drunk driving, sexual misconduct an d even death. But, as I contemplate on this serious social and health issue, I can non help solely think to myself the experiences I had with regard to underage drinking. At the time when I was still a minor, I remembered knocking a few beers with my guy friends at our football teams victory party. I knew back then that doing these things were largely for the purpose of being able to fit in.I confide it would be pretty accurate to say that peer pressure, especially today, is indeed one of the main reasons why teens indulge in underage drinking. According to Wikipedia (2008), Peer pressure is a term describing the pressure exerted by a peer or group in encouraging a person to change their attitude, demeanour and/or morals to conform to, for example, the groups actions, fashion sense, taste in music and television, or outlook on life (Peer, 2008) In my opinion, peer pressure is the most dangerous artillery unit used against teens today.Knowing that teenagers nowadays are too gullib le or susceptible to society or friends influences, for me, peer pressure may indeed be considered a dangerous weapon used, though obliquely, by teens. It is very possible that what parents teach their children throughout from their childhood to teenage years are easily swayed and perverted by influential friends overnight. According to the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at Georgetown University (2008), underage drinking is estimated to account for between 12 percent and 20 percent of the United States intoxicant market.It withal states that more youth in the United States drink alcohol than smoke tobacco or marijuana, receive it the drug most used by American young people (The Center, 2008). Tallying that up, it would take millions and millions of dollars that teenagers spend on alcohol, just to fit in or have to face the consequences of bonny a plentiful blown alcoholic at an early age or even later on into adulthood. Teenagers must(prenominal) be made aware of the long term make of alcohol use.Dependence on alcohol has also been linked to depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, antisocial personality disorder and other psychological problems, some more severe then the ones mentioned. Some way, we have to get it through to them that drinking alcohol can and in most cases will lead to harder drugs. It is considered a responsibility of the society to protect the welfare of its adolescent members. Communities as a whole must come together to help prevent the use of alcohol in our teens today. And this must be a concerted effort to work effectively.Parents have to look for signs of underage drinking actively. Look for signs like mood swings, emergent problems in school such as poor attendance, sudden disobedience of family rules, hanging out with a new group of friends that they do not want for you to meet, low energy and a lack of interest in activities, smelling alcohol on your kids breath or just any behavior that is not in the no rm for your child. Take action immediately. Communication is a good means. Let them know the long term effects of alcohol dependency and make them chance they are not hopeless.If children can see their parents drinking, there is also a great tendency for the occasion to do the same. Therefore, parents must be warily responsible. Growing Kids (2007) article stated, It is much better to show your children how to accept them to behave, rather than merely telling them. Together as a whole community we can make a difference (Growing Kids, 2007). In the story I have narrated, the young soldiers, no social function how disciplined they are supposed to be, will still go through the need to engage in drinking. At times, I think, who am I to prevent them from doing what they want?But thinking of the perilous effects of underage drinking makes me feel responsible for these soldiers. I have a role to play in their lives. The fact that I am of authority to them issues me the privilege to te ach them what is bad and swerve from such. The fact that the three soldiers were caught and put in military police custody already proposes a significant presence of alcohol influence even in teens who are supposed to be extremely disciplined and guarded. How much more those people who are freely able to decide for themselves without supervision of people in authority?The fact that sever military punishments, even if they were aware of it, did not stop them from consuming alcohol except shows the accident for them not to care about the penalty or retribution that they will get. Are teenagers nowadays becoming less and less wary just to have fun and drink? Parents are not the only ones responsible for these young adults. We, too, are. If we would not do something for these kids, who will? Besides, it is the future generation that will be affected, and we would not want that to happen.

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The Labor Movement in the 1920s Essay Example for Free

The Labor Movement in the 1920s EssayAs a correction to the wartime effort, inflation and unemployment increased because there was not a need to mass-produce products for war, and America had to return to normalcy. The amount of labor unrest increased during this time period, which is rattling obvious by the increase of labor strikes.There was a strike by the United States vane Corporation workers in 1919. They were annoyed with their seven 12 hour workdays a week. The leader of the American league of Labor joined the International Workers of the World (which was a communist group dedicated to freeing the bonds of workers) after(prenominal) the strike. A committee published a report that illustrated the horrible working conditions, which eventually caused steel companies to trim down to an eight-hour day.The United Mine Workers went on strike in hope of receiving better wages and a shorter workday. lawyer General Palmer got a court order that told the strikers to return to work. Lewis formally declared the strike over, but it proceed for another month until Wilson appointed an arbitrator to decide the remaining issues. The Mine Workers received a 27 percent pay increase, but the same hours.The police in Boston wanted pay raises and direct a group to commissioner Coolidge, to hear their demands. Coolidge fired the group and the rest of the force went on strike. The National fight restored the peace and Coolidge hired a new police force and granted the demands of the strikers.During this time period a group of stores called chain stores were becoming popular, they spread throughout the country, were owned by one person, and charged sink prices for products. The 122 million U.S. citizens began losing their jobs because of the throng of migrating immigrants who worked for low wages, modern technology becoming useful in the make of products. functional men had a hard time adjusting to women that were also fighting against inequality for the right to w ork. Because of prosperity, labor unions at sea membership from 5 million in the early 20s to 3.5 million bythe late 20s. Corporate and disposal attack on labor strikes became extremely intense. People who participated in strikes were beaten and sometimes killed. And last a small fact, the average annual income for the typical American worker was only $1,574.

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Interesting Sociology Essay Topics Essay Example for Free

fire Sociology Essay Topics EssaySociology essays deal with the study of human social behavior in a society, thus, it is rather interesting for the students who atomic number 18 interested in human psyche but boring for those who dont like analyze their species.By and large, essays on sociology are mostly based on informative and disputative style of writing, the argumentative sociology essay demands to work on thesis while essays on the sociology of knowledge are mostly depute to the students in the informative arena.Whether it is argumentative or informative essays, one has to develop a musical theme that disregard grab the attention of the reader in no time and this is not such an easy task. spot developing a topic for sociology essay, on should remember the nature of the subject, that is it deals with human behavior, psychology, humanities and social acquisition. Thus, the topic should be as such which revolves around these subjects.Following are some of the recomm ended sociology essay topic for the students who are not able to select a good topic for their assignment.1- Youth addiction to alcohol Causes and concerns2- analogy between the children brought up in Filipino and Europe3- What is and should the role of politicians in socializing through canvassing?4- Merits and demerits of media for a society?5- How cross cultural media transformation destroys the culture of a particular society?6- internet and its implications on a society.7- Diffusion of innovation in European culture.8- Critical comparison between sociology and anthropology9- queerness crucial warning to our society10- Views about organ transplantation in our society11- What are the causes of change magnitude street crimes in our society?12- What does mean to be a single parent in a ultraconservative society?13- Comparison between marriages and live-in?14- Life in rural areas and life in a metropolitan city15- Increasing materialism increases the depression in a society1 6- In appal of such an advanced means of communication people are increasingly going for solitude.17- Adoption and its consequences for an take child18- How does divorce effects on the minds of the children19- Comparison between materialistic and a spiritualistic person20- Living a life as an eternal bachelor21- Women empowerment in a conservative society22- Challenges a working women faces in our society23- Comparison between inferiority and superiority tortuous24- Living whole life in a prison25- Origin of sociology as a science

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Will Texas Secede From the United States Essay Example for Free

Will Texas Secede From the linked States EssayWe live in a republic that is splitting due to political differences. It is expected that some give ins may want to leave the United States in future years. Governor Rick Perry once said during his time as Texas state governor, here(predicate) is what we know after more than a decade of Republican rule Texas works. Even The New York measure let it slip into its pages that, Texas is the future (Perry). Good morning, my name is Caleb Taylor and today I will be discussing with you why Texas is likely to secede from the United States. First let me begin with a brief preview of Texas history, in 1835 the rebels of Texas revolted against the oppressive Mexican government.Then one year later in 1836, after numerous skirmishes with the Mexican army including the battle of the Alamo, the incident of Come and Take it in Gonzales, and then the final victory at the Battle of San Jacinto Texas obtained its independence and earned the right t o be a country. Then in 1845, Texas conjugate the United States because it was a middle ground between the raging Mexico and United States. Texas is satisfactory of seceding and maintaining a country for three main reasons. First, due to booms in the amount of born(p) resources produced in Texas every year, the economy flourishes. Secondly, because Texas is such(prenominal) a large landmass with a substantially large population, the body count would be capable of maintaining a country. The third reason Texas is likely to secede from the land, is because of Texans soak.Texas economy thrives due to natural resource productivity. The state proves to provide the United States with plentiful amounts of oil, gas, petroleum, and separate crude oils annually per year. In 2009, the U.S. capability Information Administration estimated the states proved reserves at 529 million barrels (U.S. Energy Information Administration). If Texas were to secede, Texans would be able to maintain bil lions of dollars through natural resource production alone that centre that the other thousands of jobs would be a bonus to the Texas economy.The second reason why Texas would be successful in seceding from the United States is due to the amount of land and population in Texas. Texas is approximately 268,800 square miles, which is over 21 times bigger than the state of Maryland. There are also approximately 25,674,681 people in the Texas. The size of Texas proves to be large enough to be a country because as of 2010, Texas was bigger than 125 other countries in the world.The third and most important reason Texas will be able to secede from the nation is because Texans pride. The people who populate Texas are proud to be Texans. Texas is called the Lone Star state, The soubriquet The Lone Star State originates from the star on the 1836 flag of the Republic of Texas (State Symbols USA). Texas is the Lone Star state because it is the only state that was a country in the lead it joi ned the United States. If Texas was a country before she was a state, whos to say that she will not become a country again?In conclusion, it is possible that Texas could secede from the United States because of Texas thriving economy, the amount of land and population in Texas, and because of the amount of pride that Texans have for Texas.Thank you, and God Bless Texas.Work CitedList of Texas Natural Resources. pop off Tips. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2012. . Texas State Nickname The Lone Star State. Texas State Nickname The Lone Star State. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2012. . BrainyQuote. Xplore, n.d. Web. 07 Oct. 2012. .

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Metaphysics & Epistemology Essay Example for Free

Metaphysics Epistemology EssayG. E. Moores main contributions to philosophy were in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and philosophical mannerology. In epistemology, Moore is remembered as a stalwart defender of common backbone realism. Rejecting skepticism on the bingle hand, and, on the other, metaphysical theories that would invalidate the commonsense beliefs of ordinary people (non-philosophers), Moore articulated three different versions of a commonsense- realist epistemology over the course of his career.According to data I researched Moores epistemological interest also prompt much of his metaphysical work, which to a large extent was focused on the ontology of cognition. In this regard, Moore was an important interpreter in the discussion of sense-data that dominated Anglo- American epistemology in the early twentieth century. In ethics, Moore is famous for impulsive home the difference between righteous and non-moral properties, which he cashed-out i n terms of the non-natural and the natural.Moores classification of the moral as non-natural was to be one of the hinges upon which moral philosophy in the Anglo- American academy turned until slightly 1960. Moores approach to philosophizing involved focusing on narrow problems and avoiding grand synthesis. His method was to inventory the meanings of the key terms in which philosophers expressed themselves while maintaining an implicit commitment to the ideals of clarity, rigor, and argumentation. This aspect of his philosophical mood was sufficiently novel and conspicuous that many saw it as an innovation in philosophical methodology.Moore is widely acknowledged as a founder of analytic philosophy, the kind of philosophy that has dominated the academy in Britain and the United States since roughly the 1930s. Moore also had a significant influence outside the academic philosophy, through his contacts in the Cambridge Apostles and the Bloomsbury group. In both academic spheres, M oores influence was due in no small circumstances to his exceptional personality and moral character.One of the most important parts of Moores philosophical development was his intercept from the idealism that dominated British philosophy (as represented in the works of his former teachers F.H. Bradley and John McTaggart), and his defence force of what he regarded as a common sense form of realism. In his 1925 leaven A defense reaction of Common Sense, he argued against idealism and skepticism toward the external world on the grounds that they could not pass by reasons to accept their metaphysical premises that were more plausible than the reasons we have to accept the common sense claims almost our knowledge of the world that skeptics and idealists must deny.He famously put the point into dramatic relief with his 1939 essay Proof of an External World, in which he gave a common sense argument against skepticism by raising his right hand and manifestation Here is one hand, an d then raising his left and saying And here is another, then concluding that there are at least two external objects in the world, and therefore that he knows (by this argument) that an external world exists.Not surprisingly, not everyone inclined to skeptical doubts found Moores method of argument entirely convincing Moore, however, defends his argument on the grounds that skeptical arguments seem invariably to postulate an appeal to philosophical intuitions that we have considerably less reason to accept than we have for the common sense claims that they supposedly refute.